As for translations, I set the price individually, according to the material (the amount and nature of text, translation deadline, legalisation etc.), after the agreement with the customer.             

I count the total price according to the amount of translated standard pages (1 SP = 1800 keystrokes) in Czech, English or Slovak language, I count to tenths of SP.

I calculate the price before starting work, according to documents submitted by a customer. I always announce the total price in advance.        

As for interpreting, I count the price according to the hours interpreted. If the interpreting is being held outside of Prague, I charge a transport fee as well (or the cost of accommodation). In case of a work stay in China, customer pays for a plane ticket and accommodation fee. 

I provide quality service/reasonable price.

For more concrete information, please call me on the phone: +420 603 337 165     
or contact by email:
Skype: cinske.preklady