I provide translation and interpreting services                           

from Czech to Chinese and vice versa, with legalization (of documents issued by the state institutions and authorities)
from English to Chinese and vice versa    
from Slovak to Chinese     

I have experience mainly in the following fields:


Engineering, Automotive, Chemical Industry, Food Industry, Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Health and Medicine, Environmental Protection, Glass Industry, Foundry Industry  - I specialize in training of technical staff, technology implementation, technical and business meetings, audits, business visits, trade fairs, etc. (both in the Czech Republic and China);
State Authorities and Institutions: Police of the Czech Republic, Ministry of the interior of the CR, Public prosecutor's office, etc. (as a court interpreter)

(instructions for use and maintenance, regulations, standards, specifications, user guides, FMEA, inspection and test reports, material safety data sheets, OHS training, declaration of conformity, technical drawings, etc.);

Law (contracts, notarial certificates, criminal register records, commercial register records, birth certificates, diplomas, power of attorney, etc.);
Economics, Finance (trade licences, commercial register records, financial statements, bank forms, etc.),    
Tourism (hotel websites, restaurant and tourist sites presentations, questionnaires, etc.)       
Presentation of products and services of various companies (Food Industry, Logistics, Healthcare and Hospital Facilities, Civil Aviation, Education, Construction, Cosmetics, Czech Chamber of Commerce, etc.)
Telecommunication, Software, Hardware,          
Translations of Film Scenarios, Magazine Articles, etc.                                      

I provide interpreting service in the Czech and Slovak Republics, China and other places abroad.
I specialize in interpreting during staff trainings in factories.                 

I can provide translation proofreading by a native speaker at the customer's request.   

I cooperate with many agencies, translate and interpret for Czech and Chinese companies and individuals, Police of the Czech Republic, Public prosecutor's departments, Courts and other institutions. 
In case of larger contracts I cooperate with other translators and interpreters.

I guarantee:
• reliability, flexibility and individual approach to customers
• confidentiality (of translated/interpreted information)
• grammatical and semantic accuracy